Benefits of TruMarine Collagen

Benefits of TruMarine Collagen

We are excited to carry TruMarine Collagen by WithinUs at all Your Good Health locations! 

Considered one of the body’s natural “beauty proteins”, collagen drastically reduces the effects of aging. At around 21 years of age, however, our bodies begin to produce less collagen, and the effects start to become visible as we age. Enter TruMarine Collagen.

Rated by Elle Magazine as the best collagen product on the market, TruMarine Collagen enhances your body’s natural collagen production, resulting in a plethora of benefits including:

- Minimizing fine lines and deep wrinkles 
- Strengthening hair and nails
- Repairing ultraviolet-induced skin damage
- Increasing skin’s elasticity and hydration
- Nourishing the joints, making them stronger and reducing pain
- Enhancing bone strength, density and flexibility
- Improving lean muscle gain

Not all collagen products are created equal, which is why we stand behind TruMarine Collagen. Sustainably sourced from fish in the Pacific ocean, TruMarine Collagen’s all-natural formula is 100% free of GMOs and easily absorbed and utilized by the body. 

Pick up a box of TruMarine Collagen today, and experience significant anti-aging benefits in just 4 - 8 weeks! 
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