Natural Factors Zymactive Regular Strength 90 capsules. Aids in Digestion, Reduces Inflammation


Natural Factors Zymactive Regular Strength

Natural Factors Regular Strength Zymactive is a systemic enzyme formula with more than twice the potency of other proteolytic enzyme supplements. The unique combination of proteolytic enzymes breaks down proteins that cause inflammation and pain. The tablets are enteric coated to protect the enzymes from stomach acid during digestion.


  • Aids in proper digestion
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Relieves pain from sports injuries or trauma
  • Support for sinusitis, asthma, and bronchitis
  • Helps combat bloating after high-calorie or high-fat meals

    Medicinal Ingredients Each tablet contains: Pancreatic enzymes 10X* (Sus scrofa) (pancreas) 80 mg Amylase activity 20,000 USP units Protease activity 20,000 USP units Lipase activity 1,600 USP units Papain (Carica papaya) (fruit) 1,800,000 FCC PU (42.85 mg) Serrapeptase (Serratiopeptidase, Serratia marcescens [E-15] [whole cell]) 5,200 SU (2.35 mg) Bromelain (Ananas comosus) (pineapple stem) 320,000 FCC PU (9.69 mg) USP: United States Pharmacopoeia; FCC: Food Chemical Codex; PU: Papain Unit; SU: Serratiopeptidase Unit. *10 times more concentrated than USP standard.

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