100% Pure Charcoal Clay Cleanser. A deeply purifying facial cleanser that removes impurities and minimise pores


100% Pure Charcoal Clay Cleanser

The 100% Pure Charcoal Clay Cleanser is a deeply purifying facial cleanser, specially formulated to help purge skin, remove impurities and minimise pores.

Ideal for all skin types, especially skin that is oily/combination or acne-prone, it contains highly absorbent Bamboo Charcoal and Black Brazilian Kaolin Clay to purify the skin, working to purge pores of blackheads, whiteheads and breakouts.

Activated Charcoal is known for its ability to magnetically attract and absorb impurities thanks to its highly porous surface and negative charge, while Black Brazilian Kaolin Clay is renowned for its pore-shrinking properties.

This refreshing, lightly exfoliating formula is also designed to wash away makeup without stripping skin of its natural oils, ideal as a two-in-one daily cleanser and natural makeup remover.

It's also enriched with antibacterial essential oils such as Spearmint and Lemongrass and vitamin-rich Algae Extract to help control hormonal breakouts and encourage skin cell turnover, while astringent Lemon Water closes pores, tones and brightens skin for a glowing complexion.

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