100% Pure Palette Better Naked


100% Pure Better Naked Palette

This versatile, 100% Pure Better Naked Palette is a mix of matte shades and gilded, shimmery metallics, featuring a highlighter, blush and 3 stunning eye shadows in complementary rosy, taupe, and beige-toned nudes.

Naturally pigmented from antioxidant-rich fruits, vegetables and other skin-loving plants, including Pomegranate, Cranberry and Black Tea, this deluxe palette is also formulated with nourishing ingredients such as Rosehip Oil and Avocado Oil.

This palette contains the following shades:

Fox: Luminescent beige with pearly gold shimmer - highlighter

Bunni: Natural, rosy nude with warm undertones - blush

Kitty: Golden with warm shimmer - eyeshadow

Bear: Milk chocolate brown with rosy undertones - eyeshadow

Butterfly: Rich taupe with charcoal undertones - eyeshadow

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