Alpha MCT Boost Mocha Cream 355ml


Alpha MCT Boost Mocha Cream

Start the day off with a kick of healthy fats in this convenient product!

Alpha® MCT Boost medium chain triglycerides are emulsified and do not require a blender to use. Simply stir into coffee, juice, smoothies, or tea, to give them a rich, creamy, and delicious boost of energy. Medium chain triglycerides (including lauric acid) are the most beneficial fats found in coconut oil, and have never been easier to take: Add. Stir. Go! Zero mess or cleanup.

  • Emulsified 100% coconut-sourced MCT oil
  • No blender required
  • Non-dairy, sugar-free creamer
  • Mixes easily, no mess, no cleanup
  • Efficiently absorbed and easy to metabolize
  • Provides a source of energy to fuel workouts
  • Keto and Paleo diet friendly Sustainably sourced and orangutan friendly Exclusive to health food retailers

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