Lily Lolo Lipstick French Flirt


Lily Lolo Lipstick French FlirtK
Lily Lolo French Flirt Lipstick (Warm, mid-toned red) is a natural creamy lipsticks for beautiful and nourished lips.

Each shade gives a stunning natural glow while protecting your lips. Award Winning Lily Lolo Natural Lipstick is packed with Vitamin E and rosemary extract; natural lipstick is good enough to eat.

It's free from harsh chemicals.

Colour may vary once applied. 

Organic, Gluten free, GMO free.
Warm, mid-toned red.

Colour may vary once applied.

Made with natural ingredients.

Formulated with nourishing vitamin e, waxes and organic jojoba oil
Vitamin E and Rosemary extract act as a natural antioxidant
Smooth, even, cream application 
Fragrance Free 

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