Proline HydroPrime Unflavoured 60 Servings



  • Increase Volumization & Pumps
  • Increase Hydration & Endurance
  • Body Recomposition
  • Stable & Non-Clumping
  • Non-Stimulant

How does HydroPrime® Work?
Glycerol is rapidly absorbed and distributed intra-cellularly, especially in the muscle and vascular tissue. Glycerol increases osmotic drive and total volume of water in the body. When consumed with fluid (e.g. water), fluid retention is enhanced across the body, yielding cellular expansion.
The results of this cellular expansion are greater pumps and hyper-hydration, leading to endurance and performance enhancement. Glycerol has rapidly become one of the best-kept secrets with high-performing athletes and bodybuilders.

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