Alora Natural Raspberry Ketones with Green Tea 120capsules. Increases Metabolism



  • Increases body temperature and speeds up metabolism
  • Reduces insulin production preventing carbs from being stored as body fat
  • Reduces the absorption of fat preventing weight gain

Raspberry ketones are phenolic compounds found naturally occurring in red raspberries. These substances cause cells to release stored fat into the blood stream where they can be burned as fuel by the body. Research from the Wadsworth Medical Center in Ohio, showed its effectiveness in burning body fat.

HOW DO RASPBERRY KETONES WORK? Ketones increase “hormone sensitive lipase” which shrinks fat cells. They also prevent the liver from absorbing dietary fat, and increase thermogenisis (fat burning) by raising norepinephrine levels in the body.

WHY IS GREEN TEA ADDED? A recent clinical study showed that those who took Green Tea Extract three times a day burned more calories per day than those taking a placebo. This points to Green Tea being a safe thermogenic agent, gently speeding up the metabolism. Green Tea also works to stabilize blood sugar levels, which helps to prevent carbs from being stored as fat in the body.

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