CanPrev Omega Twist Peachy Mango with Vitamin D 225ml 45 Servings. For Ages 1 and up



  • Top off your daily smoothie or snack with Omega-Twist to boost daily nutrition
  • Combines highly concentrated EPA & DHA omega-3s plus vitamin D3 (333IU) in each serving
  • Omega-3s help support cognitive, cardiovascular, and joint health
  • Sustainably sourced from small, wild-caught fish
  • Fish oils in their native triglyceride form
  • Suitable for ages 1 and up!

Omega Twist is a mouthwatering way to get your daily dose of omega-3 fats. Don’t let the mega tasty flavour fool you – they are chock full of highly concentrated omega EPA and DHA plus vitamin D3 and E for easy absorption. In their native triglyceride form, our fish oils are sustainably sourced from small, wild-caught fish.

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