Cocoon Apothecary Mud Mask Facial. A once a week treatment for clear skin



  • Provides deep exfoliation that removes dead skin cells to revitalize and keep pores clear.
  • Removes pollutants from pores through an ionic exchange with the clays that pull out micro-contaminants such as nano lead and mercury.
  • Populates the skin with mineral antioxidants as well as carotenes, phenols, and terpenes to provide pro-aging nourishment.

A mud mask formulated with Dead Sea mud and Canadian glacial clay to detox and refine pores.

This simple formula with only four ingredients packs a punch with its mineral-rich clays that pull out pollutants such as heavy metal nanoparticles that create stress on the skin. Nourishing antioxidants leave the skin soft and revitalized.

A once a week treatment that keeps skin clear and revitalized. Also acts as an amazing spot treatment for blemishes.

Instructions: Apply to moistened face, avoiding eye area and lips. Allow to dry until it has turned a light green colour. Remove with water and follow with a facial cleanser and moisturizer. Use once per week, avoiding eye area.

Ingredients: Dead Sea mud, glacial marine clay, neroli essential oil, rose absolute.

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