Natural Factors Anti-Viral Potent Fresh Herbal Tincture 100 mL. Fights Colds and Flu and supports the Immune System


Viral Attack? Fight Back!

Anti-Viral & Anti-Cold Formulas with Clinically-Proven ECHINAMIDE®

Get rid of your cold up to 3 times faster

Research shows it works!

Effective against all viral conditions

  • Stimulates your immune system to fight colds and viruses
  • Powerful immune support
  • Contains ECHINAMIDE, astragalus, lomatium, reishi, and licorice
  • Effective against all viral conditions, from colds and fl us to herpes, laryngitis and tonsillitis
  • Stop viruses before they stop YOU!
  • Protect your family year round
  • Proven herbal formula
  • Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial

    Your most potent ally against viral and bacterial infections. It contains the clinically tested and patented ECHINAMIDE® formulation, along with four other herbs that have demonstrated immune stimulation properties.

    ECHINAMIDE is 100% natural, from fresh organic echinacea, and is the only full spectrum extract with standardized levels of all of echinacea’s key actives. It stimulates your immune system to more quickly target viruses and reduce cold symptoms. No more headaches, congestion or runny noses.

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