Herbal Glo See More Hair Scalp

Herbal Glo See More Hair Scalp This Scalp Stimulating Formula is a balanced topical solution of exotic botanical herbs and active hair nutrients. When massaged into the scalp it helps nourish and activate the scalp and hair roots to create the ideal environment to help normalize hair growth. The Highly effective ingredients in See More Hair include: Cayenne Pepper Niacin Hemp Seed Oil Panthenol Aloe Vera Green Tea Saw Palmetto Insitol Shea Butter Directions: Daily apply the Scalp Stimulating Formula onto the scalp, either before retiring, or after using the Deep Cleansing Shampoo and Nutrient Conditioner. Massage thoroughly using fingertips in a kneading and rotating motion. Continue for a few minutes. You will notice a pleasant warmth and stimulating tingle as the nutrients are absorbed. Your entire scalp will feel fresh and invigorated. Leave on.

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