Natural Factors Saw Palmetto 500mg 90 caps. Alleviates symptoms of Enlarged Prostrate, Improves Urine flow


Natural Factors Saw Palmetto 500mg

The berries of the saw palmetto plant have been used traditionally to enhance male urinary and reproductive health. Saw palmetto is a natural treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), a common condition in men over 50. BPH can cause urinary problems and is a risk factor for prostate cancer.


  • Used in herbal medicine to help alleviate the symptoms of an enlarged prostate gland Improves urine flow and incomplete voiding
  • Reduces the frequency of nighttime urination
  • May improve sexual function

    Medicinal Ingredients Each Capsule Contains: Saw palmetto powder (Serenoa repens) (berry) 500 mg

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