Innovite Pureway Vitamin C 600mg 60 capsules


Pureway-C™ is clinically proven to outperform other forms of vitamin C. Research shows it’s more rapidly absorbed, 233% better retained and provides greater reduction of oxidative stress markers for better immune function after 24 hours.

With citrus bioflavonoids and unique fatty acid metabolites that allow it to have superior absorption and higher cellular retention. It’s easy on the stomach with no adverse gastrointestinal effects that would typically be expected with higher doses of ascorbic acid.

  • Sustains the highest serum level of vitamin C in a 24 hour period*
  • Higher antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity*
  • 233% higher cellular retention rate than ascorbic acid alone*
  • Promotes nerve regeneration 12x more efficiently*
  • Supports immune health, and wound healing
  • 42mg of citrus bioflavonoids to enhance absorption

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