Natural Factors Glutamine Powder 300g. For Muscle Recovery, Immune Health and Digestion



  • Accelerates recovery time, increases energy, and reduces the risk of infection following prolonged or intense exercise
  • Supports muscle recovery and growth, especially following strenuous exercise
  • Naturally boosts the immune system, helping to protect against infection and disease
  • Helps prevent infection during illness by strengthening the immune system, maintaining the integrity of the intestinal barrier, and preventing infectious agents from entering the body
  • Additional benefits include increased immunity and energy, as well as enhanced digestive and brain function

Micronization technology greatly minimizes the particle size, thus allowing your body to more easily break down and absorb the glutamine.

Medicinal Ingredients Each scoop (5 g) or 1 heaping tsp contains: Micronized L-glutamine 5 g

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