Natural Factors Glucosamine 500mg 180 capsules. For Joint Health



  • Effective in reducing joint pain and protects against the deterioration of cartilage from chronic joint diseases.
  • Helps reduce pain and inflammation of joints
  • Promotes proper lubrication of joints
  • May increase range of motion

Clinical studies show that supplementing with glucosamine sulfate may stimulate joint repair.
FlexAble Glucosamine Sulfate is fully reacted and is made up of a combination of glucose, glutamine and sulphur. It is generally believed that the sulphur component makes it more useful for joint problems.
This formula is sodium free, for those who wish to reduce their sodium intake or people with hypertension.

 Each Capsule Contains: 667 mg of stabilized glucosamine sulfate complex providing: Glucosamine sulfate (shellfish exoskeletons) ..............................500 mg

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