Natural Factors L-Carnosine 500 mg 60 capsules. For Memory and Muscle Function


L-carnosine supports the proper functioning of the brain, heart, skin, muscles, kidneys, and stomach. It is an antioxidant for the maintenance of good health, which supports healthy aging and cellular rejuvenation. It also stabilizes cellular membranes, protecting them from damage by free radicals.


  • Slows the aging process and promotes longevity
  • Promotes cellular rejuvenation
  • Protects cognitive function and memory Improves muscle function and shortens recovery time after exercise
  • Neutralizes toxic substances such as heavy metals

    Medicinal Ingredients Each vegetarian capsule contains: L-carnosine (beta-alanyl-L-histidine) 500 mg Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 25 mg

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