Natural Factors Peaceful ZZZ 60 vegetarian capsules. For Sleep, Mood & Cortisol Levels



  • Helps support better sleep quality
  • Supports a healthy mood balance
  • Helps reduce cortisol levels, a biomarker of stress
  • Non-melatonin formula
  • Plant-based and clinically researched

Stress-Relax Peaceful Zzz is a non-melatonin sleep and stress formula that mimics melatonin’s action and helps reduce cortisol, a biomarker of stress. It features Maizinol®, a standardized non-GMO corn leaf extract that has been clinically studied to help support better sleep quality and a healthy mood balance. Taken as two easy-to-swallow vegetarian capsules 60 minutes before bedtime, this is a convenient way to support sleep and stress in a single plant-based formula.

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