Total Body Collagen Orange 500g.Collagen powder for Hair, Skin, Nails and Joints.Isura tested so it's Guaranteed Contaminant-Free.

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Collagen is the most important structural protein in the body, representing 75% of our skin & 7% of our total body weight.

From the age of 25, we lose approximately 1% of our collagen each year, which causes our skin to wrinkle, joints to stiffen and bones to weaken

Collagen helps to

  • Minimize fine lines and deep wrinkle
  • Repair sun damage
  • Increase skin hydration and suppleness
  • Strengthen hair and nails
  • Reduce joint pain
  • Maintain bone health

    Helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles within four weeks

    Total Body Collagen is a unique formula featuring Verisol(r) bioactive collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid, L-tryptophan, L-glutamine, vitamin C, and biotin - essential nutrients that promote healthy skin and connective tissues, reduce joint pain associated with osteoarthritis, and support lean muscle growth and recovery after a workout

    Hydrolyzed collagen promotes collagen synthesis and has been shown to help reduce joint pain associated with osteoarthritis. Collagen and hyaluronic acid work together to provide structure, strength, and resilience in the body's tissues, and are vital for maintaining hydration in the joints. This formula also supports muscle growth and recovery, helping physically active people to build lean muscle mass.

    Provides 10 g of highly digestible non-GMO hydrolyzed collagen Sourced from pasture-raised and grass-fed cattle

    Features vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, glutamine, and biotin, to support collagen synthesis

    Medicinal Ingredients

    • 10 g of highly digestible non-GMO hydrolyzed collagen
    • Biotin 500 mcg
    • Hyaluronic acid 50 mg
    • L-Glutamine 500 mg
    • L-Tryptophan 100 mg
    • Vitamin C 60 mg

      Suggested Dose: adults take one serving daily.

      Guaranteed the Cleanest Fish Oil! ISURA tested for the top 600 Contaminants like Lead and Mercury

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