Natural Factors Women’s Multi Probiotic with CranRich 120 capsule. For Urinary Tract Infections


A girl’s best friend!

  • For yeast and urinary tract infections
  • Contains L. fermentum and S. thermophilus, which specifically benefit the vaginal flora
  • Prevents or clears urinary tract infections, yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis
  • Especially formulated to support and enhance microflora of the vagina and urethra
  • CranRich super strength cranberry extract has been shown to prevent urinary tract infections.
  • Limits growth of undesirable bacteria and pathogens in the genitourinary tract
  • Restores intestinal flora following antibiotic treatment

Imagine combining the power of a great probiotic with the infection- fighting potency of CranRich cranberry concentrate.

Ideal to help women maintain a normal balance of healthy intestinal and vaginal flora. With the added benefit of 250 mg of CranRich cranberry concentrate, this product goes a long way towards preventing or reducing the duration of urogenital infections. This is an ideal dietary supplement for women of all ages, in all stages of life.

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