New Roots Astragalus Slices 100 grams


New Roots Astragalus Slices 100 grams

  • Proven to increase immunity and support energy levels and resistance to stress.
  • Provides great immune recovery support after a long illness
  • Natural root contains a mosaic of beneficial compounds

Astragalus root is among the most researched botanicals in complimentary and alternative medicine. It has documented use for over 4000 years as a natural remedy for exhaustion, stress, maintaining a healthy immune system and to improve "life energy", also referred to as the "Qi".

Modern day clinical studies confirm this adaptogens properties and abundant health benefits from stress relief and improved energy to immune support. The slices of the plant root are filled with a variety of valuable minerals as well as biologically active compounds such as polysaccharides. They are especially suitable to produce soothing tea that can support our body’s innate defense mechanisms.

This makes astragalus supplementation ideal for today’s stressful environment. Whether you’re feeling vulnerable to illness or looking to reinforce your energy, New Roots Herbal’s Astragalus Slices can provide the support you need. Steep a spoonful today.

Adults: Drink the equivalent of 2 grams once daily or as directed by your health-care practitioner. To make a decoction, use 1 rounded teaspoon (2 g) of dried root per cup of water and simmer on low heat in a covered pot for at least 15–20 minutes (up to 60 minutes for a concentrate). Strain and serve. Astragalus is naturally sweet. You may make a larger portion and keep in the fridge for 2–3 days. Heat up or drink cold.

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