New Roots Hawthorn Berry 500 mg 100 Capsules. Supports Cardiovascular Health


Hawthorn is a small, thorny tree with white or red flowers and berries. Hawthorn is one of the most valuable cardiovascular tonics available. Quality assured.

The berries are rich in flavonoids, which have been shown to dilate peripheral and coronary blood vessels. This action helps alleviate hypertension and high blood pressure, as well as to reduce the severity and frequency of angina attacks. Hawthorn also is a rich source of procyanidins, which have sedative and antispasmodic effects. The herb has also been shown to act as a cardiotonic, restoring both high and low blood pressure to normal. Hawthorn has been used in treating irregular heartbeats, spasms of the arteries, and certain nervous disorders such as insomnia.

Hawthorn is used for cardiotonic, angina, irregular heartbeats, spasms in the arteries, high and low blood pressure, old age, vascular problems, hypertension, nervous disorders, insomnia, coronary artery, perfusion disorders, and rhythmic disturbances of the heart.

Adults: Take 1–2 capsules twice daily with a meal or as directed by your health-care practitioner.

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