New Roots Joyful Healthy Mood Balance 60 Capsules


New Roots Herbal Joyful is formulated with nutrients that elevate mood and help manage stress.

New Roots Herbal Joyful contains 11 botanical extracts, amino acids, and bioactive forms of the vitamins pivotal for mood. The therapeutic goal of Joyful is twofold: to elevate mood and to strengthen resistance to triggers that generate stress.

Six of the nutrients in New Roots Herbal Joyful—5-HTP, L-tryptophan, vitamin D3, methylfolate, methylcobalamin, and vitamin B6—collectively support serotonin production and neurotransmitter metabolism. The additional five constituents in Joyful—L-theanine, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), magnolia, phellodendron, and san qi—reduce excitability within the nervous system to endorse a sense of calm.

Mood and stress are multifaceted health concerns dependent upon a mosaic of factors. New Roots Herbal Joyful delivers mood-specific nutrients that can help.

Adults: Take 1 capsule three times daily. Start with 1 capsule daily and gradually move to 3 daily, or as directed by your health-care practitioner. Use the lowest efficient dose.

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