New Roots Juicy Immune-Energy 30 packets. 8 organic berries + 20 nutraceuticals · No Added Sugar


Juicy Immune - Energy is a delicious berry-based supplement.

Juicy Immune - Energy is a nutritional powerhouse that delivers a broad spectrum of compounds from a proprietary blend of nine berries and fruits formulated with standardized extracts and specific nutraceuticals, at a mere 14 calories per serving. The robust antioxidant action of Juicy Immune - Energy represents the backbone of the many benefits to be reaped within every serving.

Starting your day with a single portion of Juicy Immune - Energy will lay the foundation for great health and help fill the nutritional gaps of even the most balanced diets.

Adults: Mix 1 sachet with at least 8 oz. (235 ml) of water or other fluids once daily, or as directed by your health-care practitioner. Adjust amount of water to taste.

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