New Roots Potassium Iodide 65 mg. For Nuclear Emergency Use Only · Not for Daily Use


Take as directed by a public official if a nuclear emergency should happen. Take just before or shortly after exposure to radioiodine.

Potassium iodide is a thyroid blocking agent for use in nuclear emergencies which involve the release of radioiodine.

Suitable for thyroid protection due to radioactive iodine exposure.

Not for daily use; for nuclear emergency use only.

Includes age group–specific dosage information.

  • For children under 6 years old, crush or dissolve tablets into food or drink prior to consumption; do not allow child to swallow tablet whole.
  • 2 months–3 years: Take half a tablet daily;
  • 4–18 years old: Take 1 tablet daily;
  • 18 years+: Take 2 tablets daily; or as directed by your health-care practitioner.

Take daily until threat is over as directed by public officials.

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