New Roots Silver Force 50 ml. Pure Bioactive Liquid Silver



  • Biologically absorbable silver formulation
  • Potency validated for precise dosage
  • Guaranteed free from allergens and additives

Silver Force delivers 50 mcg of elemental 99.9% pure, bioactive silver per teaspoon formulated for accurate, therapeutic dosage.

Silver exists within humans in trace quantities, with incidental daily human consumption between 70 and 88 mcg. The majority of elemental silver intake is subsequently excreted. New Roots Herbal’s Liquid Silver delivers 50 mcg per teaspoon in bioactive ionic form. Guaranteed free from allergens and additives, it’s the ideal form of silver for supplementation when recommended by a health-care professional. Liquid Silver is recognized in complimentary and alternative medicine for many therapeutic applications.

Adults = 19 years old: Shake well and take 1 teaspoon two to four times daily or as directed by your health-care practitioner. Do not take with food.

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