New Roots Sweet ’n Clean Xylitol 454 grams


Sweet ’n Clean (xylitol) is a naturally occurring, organic, plant-sourced alternative to sugar with 38% less calories (10 calories per 4 g serving) with a low glycemic impact.

New Roots Herbal’s Sweet ’n Clean tastes great with coffee or tea and is excellent as a calorie-reduced alternative to sugar suitable for baking or a keto lifestyle. Sweet ’n Clean powder does not give an unsavory aftertaste and is nonfermentable, which means it does not feed the bacteria in your mouth responsible for gingivitis or gum disease. Its texture, consistency, and pourability are the same as sugar’s, which makes it an ideal sugar substitute in recipes.

Low-calorie sugar substitute. Generally, sugar can be replaced with a 1:1 ratio of xylitol.

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