New Roots Sweet ’n Slim Erythritol 454 grams


New Roots Herbal’s Sweet ’n Slim (erythritol) is an organic, plant-sourced alternative to sugar with 95% less calories (0.8 calorie per 4 g serving).

With a low glycemic impact, crystalline texture similar to sugar, clear appearance when dissolved, and no aftertaste, Sweet ’n Slim is the ideal sugar replacement for those looking to limit sugar intake for cooking, baking, or hot and cold beverages. With a flavour profile approximately 70% that of sugar, it’s easy to incorporate into a keto or calorie-reduced lifestyle and keep enjoying.

Sweet ’n Slim could become a valuable asset for a healthy, active lifestyle.

A naturally occurring source of sweetness with a flavour profile similar to that of table sugar, erythritol has 95% less calories than sugar, without the aftertaste of many artificial sweeteners.

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