NFH InflaCalm SAP 90capsules


Prostaglandins are a class of hormone-like compounds called eicosanoids, which have biological activities in tissue repair and inflammation, amongst other actions. The prostaglandin-2 series (PG-2) are known to be potent proinflammatory mediators synthesized by the cyclooxygenase (COX) enzymes, while the prostaglandin-1 (PG-1) and prostaglandin-3 (PG-3) series have anti-inflammatory action. Managing the balance of prostaglandins is a major aspect of mitigating pain and inflammation, and the modulation of the COX and other enzymes controlling the production of inflammatory mediators is the target of therapy. The components of InflaCalm SAP in synergistic combination maximize the delivery, absorption, and thereby anti-inflammatory effect of these well-researched nutraceuticals and herbs.

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