Nulife Opti Cal-Mag 2:1 90 Veggie capsules. A Calcium and Magnesium Formula.



  • Increases absorption of all minerals
  • Supports Bone health
  • Aids muscle function
  • Improved nerve /brain function
  • Supports heart function
  • Important factor in teeth, connective tissue

Nulife Opti-Cal/Mag Extra Strength 2:1 contains elemental calcium in a highly absorbable “bisglycinate” form, which is 180% more absorbable than common citrate forms. Zinc, vitamin D3 and digestive aids increase the effectiveness of this formula. Plus, added key nutrients protect calcium from interrupted absorption.

Nu-Life Opti-Cal/Mag Extra Strength 2:1 Features Bisglycinate form of minerals in a Synergistic base

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