Nuun Hydration Sport Berry 10 Tablets. Electrolytes to keep you Hydrated


Designed to keep you hydrated wherever your active lifestyle takes you. nuun active is packed with optimal electrolytes, contains clean ingredients, and is low in calories and sugar gluten-free – vegan one tube of nuun active contains 10 tablets. each tablet makes one 16oz sports drink

Benefits: Nuun Active Hydration drink tabs are portable Taste great and deliver a fast-absorbing electrolyte blend without the sugar or waste of bottled sport drinks.

Directions: Adults performaning high intensity, exhaustive exercise: 1 tablet(s) 1-4 time(s) per day. Add one tablet to 500 ml of water, allow tablet to dissolve, then consume. Take one tablet per hour of exrcise. Take a few hours before or after taking other medications or natural health products.

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