OM Mushroom Reishi Mushroom 667mg 75 capsules For Stress and Immune Health


The balancing mushroom. Reishi is an adaptogen that can help the body cope with everyday stress in healthy ways that keep you feeling calm and balanced. Try Om Reishi capsules anytime you need to support a healthy mind or body reset.

Om Reishi provides Organic Whole-Food Support for:

  • Immune Support
  • Help Manage Occasional Stress
  • 30 Day Supply
  • Vegetarian Capsules

    Directions: Take three (3) capsules per day with a glass of water.

    Ingredients: 100% organic Om mushrooms 667mg.Organic reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) mycelial biomass and fruiting powder on organic oats.

    Non medicinal ingredients: Hypromellose (capsule)

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