Orange Naturals Baby Probiotics + D3 Drops 50ml


Colic is difficult for babies and parents alike, but probiotics can help! The crying, fussiness, and irritability associated with this condition is often grounded in an upset stomach, as your baby adjusts to a developing digestive system. Probiotics help balance out the gut flora, and prevent the overgrowth of bad bacteria that’s often behind digestive issues. More giggles, less crying!

Helps reduce colic symptoms in breastfed infants. Formulated with bifidobacterium and lactobacillus strains to help increase healthy bacteria in the GI tract, and fight off harmful bacteria that may be causing discomfort.

Helps to maintain immune function. Gut health goes beyond digestion it impacts many other aspects of health, including the immune system. We’ve added a little extra boost of vitamin D3 so you can rest assured that in addition to supporting digestive health, you’re also helping strengthen their immunity.

Giving your baby probiotics has never been easier. These drops can easily be taken off the spoon, mother’s breast or dropped directly on the tongue.

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