Orange Naturals Kids Fibre Organic 150 gams


The key to healthy and regular bowel movements!

Beyond being uncomfortable, tummy troubles can have an impact on your child’s overall health. There’s a lot going on in the gut, and making sure your kids are getting enough fibre is vital to solving digestive issues. In addition to keeping things moving in the digestive tract, adequate fibre at mealtime will help keep them full for longer! Dietary fibre is typically found in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. But we all know how hard it can be to get kids to finish their salad at the dinner table. That’s where our KIDS Organic Fibre comes in. Helps keep them regular. Let’s face it constipation is no fun. The key to healthy and regular bowel movements is, you guessed it, fibre! Consuming dietary fibre adds bulk to help solidify stool and softens it, making it easier to pass. Promotes the growth of good gut bacteria. Plenty of high-quality fibre encourages healthy bacteria growth in the gut, which ultimately helps fend off harmful microbes that can lead to sickness. Easily mixes into beverages or food. Our KIDS Organic Fibre powder is completely tasteless, which makes it the perfect addition to any beverage or smoothie. It can even be sprinkled on top of food!

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