Orange Naturals Kids Omega Squeeze Tangerine 225 ml


Omega-3 fatty acids are vital for kids growth and development, and are typically found in foods like fatty fish, and fortified milk & eggs. But don’t worry if these foods aren’t favourites at the dinner table, try this delicious, creamy, squeezable omega-3 supplement. It can be enjoyed in so many different ways in a homemade popsicle, blended into a smoothie, as a topping for their healthy dessert, or just right off the spoon. It’s that tasty.

Helps support the healthy development of the brain. Omega-3 fatty acids are required for brain health, and some studies show that omega-3 supplementation can curb symptoms of conditions like ADHD. It can also help them get a good night’s sleep and help them stay focused at school.

Beneficial for immune function. Inflammation is a natural part of the human immune response, but chronic inflammation can cause health issues and tissue damage. Since omega-3 fatty-acids are beneficial for reducing inflammation in the body, they make for a balanced immune system.

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