Preffered Nutrition Vitamin K2, A and D Drops 30ml


Vitamin K2 + A & D3 Liquid

  • Maintains healthy eyesight, skin, bones, immunity
  • Non GMO

Formulated by Dr. Gifford-Jones, this combination Vitamin K2 supplement supports healthy bones, eyesight, skin, teeth and immunity. This supplement combines Vitamin D with vitamin K, which in general, better supports bone mineral density than when supplementing with each alone. The addition of Vitamin D and Vitamin A also mean this formula may support eye health, night vision and skin health


  • Vitamin A500 IU
  • Vitamin A151 mcg RAE
  • Vitamin D325 mcg
  • Vitamin D31000 IU Vitamin K250 mcg

    Non-Medicinal Ingredients Flaxseed Oil, Medium chain triglycerides, Olive Oil,Tocopherols Vanilla cream flavour

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