St Francis Regular Flow 50 ml. Helps with Heavy Flow Periods

    Regular Flow is a herbal tincture formula that helps relieve menorrhagia (i.e. heavy menstruation).
    • Contains the herb shepherd’s purse, that aids in coagulation and it has been use as anti-hemorrhagic for many years.
    • Wild geranium, is also an effective anti-hemorrhagic and astringent herb.
    • Achilletin and achilleine, two components of yarrow, spur coagulation
    • Includes chastetree, a hormone-balancing herb that helps menstrual cycle irregularities

    Dosage: Adult women: Take 1-2 mL (30-60 drops) 3 times daily in a little water on an empty stomach. Start taking 10 days before beginning of menstrual flow. During menorrhagia, dose can be increased to 1-2 mL (30-60 drops) every 3 hours (3-7 times a day).

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