St Francis Respirafect 50ml. For Lung and Bronchial Infections


Our expertly crafted liquid tincture formula is ideal for fighting lung and bronchial infections with a specific healing action that reduces inflammation

  • Featuring a bedrock of two species of echinacea, i.e. a proprietary blend of Echinacea angustifolia root and Echinacea purpurea root, leaf and seed, a robust, synergistic combination with demonstrable antiseptic, immune-enhancing properties
  • A formula highlighted by usnea, an immunostimulatory herb that has been shown to have marked antibiotic properties even in high dilutions

    Who it’s for:

    • Those looking for an antimicrobial herbal tincture formula specifically geared to the treatment of lung and bronchial infections
    • Anyone who wants to deal effectively with symptoms such as wet coughs and excess mucus that accompany lung and bronchial conditions
    • For those needing help with hard, dry, irritating coughs, Respiracleanse is an effective companion to Respirafect

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