St Francis Virafect 50ml. For Respiratory Infections, Sore Throat and Fever


The name says it all: an all-natural herbal formula, specifically designed to tackle viral infections related to cold & flu

  • Founded on a bedrock of echinacea, a herb well-known for its antiseptic, immune-enhancing qualities
  • Featuring lomatium, shown by science and clinical practice to be a highly potent antiviral herb (e.g. it protected the Washoe tribe during the Spanish flu)
  • With wild indigo, a herb that complements and improves the antiseptic properties of echinacea and is especially valuable for treatment of ear, nose, and throat infections
  • Fortified by andrographis, a powerful immune stimulating anti-infective herb

Who it’s for:

  • Those who have a viral respiratory infection and need more healing punch than just echinacea in the form of an all-natural herbal formula that draws on other powerful, specifically antiviral herbs as well
  • Anyone looking for targeted relief of symptoms like sore throat and fever that accompany upper respiratory infections of a viral nature

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