Trophic Copper Chelazome 2mg 90 capsules


  • Helps produce red blood cells and connective tissue
  • Facilitates the utilization of oxygen in cells
  • Increase resistance to stress
  • Prevents loss of pigmentation in hair and skin
  • 2 mg Copper (Bisglycinate) (Amino Acid Chelate)

Copper is found in all body tissue; the liver and brain containing the largest amounts. Copper is essential to the absorption and utilization of iron; and works with iron in the formation of red blood cells. Copper which is also needed for energy production, is involved in the healing process, hair and skin colouring, and is essential to the formation of collagen.

Take one caplet daily or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner

No added yeast, wheat, soy, gluten, corn, dairy, artificial colors, sugar, preservatives or animal products

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