Wild Rose Liver D-Tox. 15 Day Liver Cleanse.

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  • Promotes optimal liver function & gently increases bile flow
  • Enhances digestion
  • Simple Cleanse-Enhancing Diet included
  • 15-day program

Our livers are responsible for hundreds of functions throughout the body. Two of the most important are digestion and assimilation of our food, and thorough elimination of toxins, excess hormones and other waste. Our modern diets and lifestyles, along with the uncontrollable burden of environmental pollution can overwhelm and exhaust our livers causing sluggishness, congestion and toxic overload throughout the body.

The Wild Rose Liver D-TOX is an easy 15-day program designed specifically to support the liver, gently increasing bile flow and enhancing digestion. Supporting our liver supports our whole body. This program combines the brilliant herbal formulas and easy to follow, convenient, cleanse-enhancing food recommendations, helping to protect the liver and promote vibrant, optimal function.

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