Cannanda Dog Ease CB2 Terpenes 4.2ml. For Pain and Anxiety


Cannanda Dog Ease CB2 Terpenes. For Pain and Anxiety

We start with Cannanda's physician-formulated, multi-award-winning CB2™ terpene blend, and infuse it into tasty hemp-based peanut-butter treats to create a unique product for dogs. This human-grade product is used for all the same reasons dog owners use the Dog-Ease CB2™ terpene blend, but with the added benefits of what many consider the world's most nutritious foods--hemp.

While most use this as a legal, non-prescription alternative to cannabidiol (CBD), many also use this to enhance their dog's CBD experience. CBD is the popular cannabis compound that has significant health benefits, but lacks the intoxicating effects of its sister compound, THC. Unfortunately, in Canada, CBD is only legally available by prescription only, or through controlled distribution from government-licensed outlets (and no CBD product has been approved for dogs or any other animal).

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