NFH St John's Wort SAP 60 capsules


St. John’s wort has been used traditionally for its astringent and sedative properties for the management of mental health issues such as mood imbalances, anxiety and as a nerve tonic. One of the major constituents of St. John’s wort is hypericin, which is considered to be largely responsible for its pharmacological effects. Recent clinical studies have contributed to the evidence of St. John’s wort’s efficacy and safety in promoting healthy mood balance and also as an adjunct with medications, providing a natural alternative to conventional drug therapies. There are promising data that indicates that St. John’s wort extract may also be useful in the management of menopausal symptoms.

St. John’s wort SAP provides a safe dose of a standardized St. John’s wort extract that can help promote a healthy mood balance and aid in calmness and relaxation.

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